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Netcorp Software Services, Web and mobile application development, Scandinavian outsourcing and near-shoring centre

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React, NodeJS, Vue.js, Typescript, Javascript, Angular
Blockchain, Kubernetes, Java, .NET, PHP, iOS, Android, React native
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Software development outsourcing services

Body leasing / team leasing

Developers are rented with a monthly rate and managed by the customer –  we take care of the recruitment, equipment, workplace, training, coffee, apples & yoga

Tactical Outsourcing is for situations where you need extra specialist for only a short period of time

Build Operate Transfer

While-label subcontracting to software development companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Estonia

Tactical Outsourcing

We build a software development unit that we would transfer under your control after it has matured enough

We have a staffing team, who could find you suitable candidates who would be willing to consider of relocating to the country you need them.

Managed services are the practice of outsourcing the responsibility of the results of the projects to the vendor. This is the opposite of having allocated FTEs.


I am happy to extend my full recommendation on behalf of Rocketfarm AS. The 10+ projects have been professionally executed. Clients of and internal stakeholders at Rocketfarm have specifically highlighted your flexibility, quality of work, attention to detail.


Petter Tancred Olsen,
Head of sales & marketing
Rocketfarm AS, Norway

We hired Netcorp to speed up the migration of the administrative systems we use in our mobile quiz game application, which now has more than 40 million users in 14 countries. Netcorp did a fantastic job – they understood our systems and our goals quickly and worked hard to get all systems migrated and partly changed in a short period of time. All in all, we are very happy with their work and will definitely use them again.


Anders Willstedt
FEO Media AB

A very trustworthy partner for IT-solutions and Software development. We implemented a 2-year project to the governmental registry where the Netcorp specialist helped us with Java side development. They can be described as follows: profound knowledge of systems, good working procedures, and high-quality code.


Anu Pedosk,

Top blog article

Why Poland?

Poland is a top-ranking country in any software development outsourcing list on the web. Poland is known for its high quality of work, proactive thinking, and the largest pool of developers in Eastern and Central Europe. Poland is an EU member giving good coverage for IPR and GDPR issues.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is probably the most tech-savvy country in the world! Often referred to even as e-Estonia is known for its state-of-the-art digital solutions in government, education, and business. Estonian developers are true engineers who know their trade. As an EU country, Estonia is probably the best place to start your startup.

Why Ukraine

Ukraine is known for its highly skilled software developers. Ukraine offers a cheaper alternative to Estonia and Poland so a good alternative to companies who really have to save costs. Ukraine is however not an EU country, which might raise the risk of doing business for some companies.

Domains and competences


Internet banking, mobile banking,
Risk assesment systems,
Sales support systems.


Self care portals, email clients,
VAS platform, Telco Platforms,
Location based triggering,

E-commerce and Retail

E-commerce platform integration


Dating portals, Photo sharing
and printing, Geolocation based

Media and News

News portals, media streaming,
hospitality solutions.

Startups – creating MVPs

Interim CTO role, MVP and MLP
creation, architecture setup.

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