About us

About us

Remote developers – almost 100% success rate

Netcorp offers software development outsourcing services from Poland, Ukraine, and Estonia. We are specialized in offering quality services to clients from Scandinavia, Central Europe & USA.

We have almost 100% success rate in our projects – that means that most of our clients keep ordering more = We must do something right!

Netcorp was founded in 2011 with the goal to make quality outsourcing and nearshoring available for growth companies. From the beginning we have lived up to the highest standards in code-quality, punctuality in deadlines, being pro-active and having great communication.

We offer following software development outsourcing services:

  • Outsourcing consultation
  • Outsourcing developers or teams
  • End-to-End software development projects

We implement our projects with our internal teams and in cooperation with our strategic partners. Our teams from Estonia and Poland have experience in delivering high-quality software solutions to clients from over 16 countries.

We believe that we are great at understanding our clients business, looking at the bigger picture in the sector they act in and also in the tiniest details in their project.

Contact us for a RFP and find out more!

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