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Available developers

Below you can find a list of developers who are available right now.

All available developers are free for testing!
1-day testing – free
5-day testing – 800 euro

Please let us know via the contact form below or info@netcorp.ee if you would like to see the CVs and price info of any particular developer.


1 – Sr. DevOps (K8S, Docker, AWS, GCloud, Azure, Terraform, Python, Kafka, Jenkins) developer Kamil


2 – Jr. DevOps (K8S, Docker, AWS, Linux, Python, Bash) Engineer Kamil

starting his adventure with deploying code in an automated & repeatable way,

with a backround at enterprise storage technologies.



3 – Sr. QA (Test Automation, Integration Testing, E2E Testing, Python, Java,

Selenium, Locust, Postman, GraphQL, Appium) Engineer Mateusz is

focused on delivering excellent quality software for clients and users.

Experienced in mobile, web and API testing.


4 – Sr. QA Engineer Lukasz has experience in manual tests, maintenance

and development of automated tests, updationg of environments in

various projects e.g. e-learning platform, web banking application,

claim management system for insurance company and more.


5 – Sr. QA Engineer Tomasz has extensive experience in functional tests

(over 20 projects in various industries). Wide experience in functional

testing of the mobile banking application (over 3 years/recent project).


Mobile Development

6– Sr. Android (Android SDK, Kotlin, JAVA, Jetpack, Flutter, MVVM,

Animations, Retrofit) developer Kamil is leading multiple projects.


7 – iOS (Swift, Objective C, Flutter, Dart, Realm, Rest API, Firebase,

XCode, Unit Tests, UI Tests) developer Daniel is experienced in enterprise projects

and development of mobile applications, well organised, good team player.


8 – Mid. iOS developer Patryk has experience in several projects: pro-environmental app,

booking platform, international money transfer app. Recent project: mobile application

using bluetiith for parcel machine company.


9 – Mid. iOS developer Patryk has experience in international and startup projects.

Recent projects: mobile application using bluetooth for parcel machine company

and mobile assistant physiotherapists’ patients.


10 – Mid. iOS developer Tomasz has experience in several projects, including:

event app, loyalty app, mobile shop app, article sharing app. Recent project:

mobile banking (over 1 year).


11 – Mid. iOS developer Patryk has experience in several projects: risk assessment app,

mobile app for big media company, inspection apps. Recent project:

mobile banking (over 1 year).


12 – Sr. Android developer Michal has experience in various projects: mobile application

using bluetooth for parcel machine company, international money transfer app,

booking app, videoconference app, app for insurance resellers and more.

2 years of experience as QA Engineer. Recent project: application dedicated for

underaged users to report anonymously improper behaviour.



13 – Jr. BE (Python, Django, Docker, SQL) developer Dawid is experienced in development

of python web applications providing RESTful APIs, based on microservice architecture.

Familiar with technologies commonly used to run and maintain web services.


14 – Sr. BE developer Blazej (team leader/architect/web developer) has experience

in large projects and tech. 5+ years of experience in automotive e-commerce project.

Recent two projects: office space management system, large online training

platform for accountants.

If you have an interest in these developers please fill out the contact form

or write to info@netcorp.ee and we will send you the CVs and pricing info.
As always, first come, first served.

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