Rent developers for product development

Everybody needs developers...

Rent developers for product development

Our software developers, testers, UI/UX designers, or DevOps engineers can be added to our client’s internal teams to build their software products.

By expanding their development teams with our engineers, our clients can speed up their development, get rid of long backlogs, and get access to experienced senior software engineers which are hard to hind for many companies.

Renting developers (sometimes called team leasing, sometimes staff augmentation, sometimes just simply outsourcing) works generally in Time and Material mode, which means the Client is charged monthly according to contributed hours and we take care of the equipment, workplace, training, coffee, yoga, and apples.

You can rent/lease an individual developer, compile a team of individually selected persons for a larger project, or trust us to compile a Team for you. In most long term cooperations, our customers trust us to compile them a team of competent persons and manage all knowledge transfers when replacements need to be made.

Body leasing (sometimes called also as Offshore Development Centre ODC) is maybe the most popular outsourcing method for companies who work with larger teams in software development. This model will give you a dedicated team in our development center, who will perform under your control.

The team extension model will make it faster and easier to scale up and down your development teams, which will help you to adapt to changing development needs. But at the same time, the teams will be dedicated to working 100% on your projects, will learn your company culture, and will work as your own employees.

Since the responsibilities of the results fo the work are on the client’s shoulders, this option is suitable for customers who have very good know-how and processes in managing software development teams.

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