Build Operate Transfer

Everybody needs developers...

Build – Operate-Transfer = BOT

Netcorp will build a software development company in one of the outsourcing locations. We will grow it, manage it and once it is mature enough, the client has an option to have the company transferred under their control.

Starting and building your own software development company (from zero) in a foreign is very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. BOT service provides a faster and flexible solution to get your own development center in a country that has lower labor cost or higher qualified resources availability.

BOT model is suitable for customers who can make long-term plans for their development strategy.

This model is available for companies that intend to have a minimum of 30 FTEs working at the development center. The average time from starting to build the team until the transfer moment is two years.

This model gives you the best control over the team, the ability to influence the “company culture” the most and good cost-efficiency. Many startup investors prefer to have this option available. You just have to be sure that you want to own a company in a foreign country.

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