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Netcorp is a trusted nearshoring partner for many Scandinavian and Estonian companies. We provide software developers from our development centers in Poland and from our partner network in Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania. We deliver trustworthy and experienced developers only. If you speak English, Finnish, Norway or Estonian, we can help you in your native language.

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Save millions by Outsourcing from Poland

If you are relying on local software companies to develop business-critical software, you probably receive a huge bill every month. You must wonder, is there a cheaper alternative?

Companies using nearshoring software development before the crisis are now reaping the benefits.

10 top ways to find a great development partner

If you’re the CTO or head of development for a software company you know the routine: half-a-dozen emails per week from outsourcing providers around the world, all claiming to be the best and coolest team, ready to work for you exclusively and carry out the most difficult tasks for almost no money.

‘How to find a development partner?’ ‘Which software developer offers the best value for money?’ Is it one of those hopeful emailers – and if so, which one?

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