Headhunting / Recruiting

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Headhunting / Recruiting

Not everyone wants to outsource or subcontract. Some of our clients prefer permanent staff whos employment contract is directly with them.

We have a headhunting team, who could find you suitable candidates who would be willing to consider relocating to the country you need them. We hire our resources only from Estonia, Poland, or Ukraine.

We pre-screen the labor market to find the best candidates for you, test them for language proficiency, verify their actual experience in needed skill-set, help to conduct other necessary tests and background searches. We can usually find your first candidates in 2-6 weeks from the start of such search.

This service is mostly used by product development companies or companies who would not feel comfortable with communication to a team located in foreign country. It will also require the company to be ready to implement team communication in English and accept people from other countries and cultures.

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