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Social Responsibility – Education and Sports

Education is our passion and there we like to contribute.

We are periodically advising and mentoring startups, and giving teaching voluntary classes in Estonan Schools and Universities about entrepreneurship, economics, mathematics, software development and cyber security.

Sihtasutus Noored Olümpiale

Netcorp is one of the main sponsors of one of the most innovative Sports support systems in Europe – Youth to Olympics Foundation.

Sihtasutus Noored Olümpiale / Youth to Olympics Foundation is the biggest private sports support systems in Estonia. Youth to Olympics Foundation for was made for young athletes whos dream is to become an Olympic athlete.

The support system bridges the gap between the junior competition class and professional sports. The support system consists of scholarships for full Olympic cycle and training which focuses on mindset coaching and how to build a strong brand for a young athlete. The Foundation is funded by private supporters donations only and today offers full scholarships to several Estonian perspective athletes.