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Software Development Outsourcing Services

Software Development outsourcing has several sub-services, which each offer different kinds of opportunities.

Every business is unique and requires a personalised setup of software development outsourcing. With our experiences and knowhow I’m sure we can find a good solution for You!

Click on the sections below to see details of the different outsourcing services we offer. 

If you have difficulties choosing which option might be right for you, reserve a free consultation with our experts and we will brief you in detail about these options. 

Developers are rented with a monthly rate and managed by the customer –  we take care of the recruitment, equipment, workplace, training, coffee, apples & yoga

Short term outsourcing is for situations where you need an extra specialist for only a short period of time

Subcontracting development, testing or full projects (in white-label mode) for software development companies

We build a software development unit (company) that we would transfer under your control after it has matured enough (great for startups)

We have a staffing team, who could find you suitable candidates who would be willing to consider relocating to the country you need them

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility of the results of the projects to the vendor. This is the opposite to having allocated FTEs.

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