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Great User Experience (UX) is something that can make an average solution to be a great solution and a bad UX can do the opposite.

Users are getting more and more demanding on how they want to interact with apps, web  and technology solutions. No matter how great is the functionality of a system, if the user does not find if intuitive or logical, the app will be abandoned in a nanosecond. Great User interface Design (UI design) has been a basic expectation for a long time now. But same is UX and Interaction design today.

If you don’t want to think on UX design, don’t start with your app in the first place. Graphical and User Experince designers are today’s application development superheroes. They can make a Minimum Viable product (MVP) into Minimum Loveable Product (MLP).

  • Graphical design,
  • Design slicing and implementation on various CMSs,
  • User experience and Usability designing,
  • Interaction design.
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