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We are hiring

We are always looking for talent to our projects.

If you can speak english fluently, want to deliver the best software quality and are not afraid to communicate with international clients – we welcome you to our team. Please send your  CV to jobs@netcorp.ee.  Be sure to identify  your work passion and what would you like to do at Netcorp

Available specialist positions

Java, Java, Java … if you love Java and you know you are good at it – we might be just the company where you will be working for the next undetermined period of time. more details

We are looking for a awesome Full stack developer for our projects in Scandinavia. more details

Our local Applications

  • Open Application Tallinn

    Tallinn is described as the hidden gem of Europe or “top 10 hipster/awesome cities to visitin in 2016”. We happen to have an office and clients here – if you are interested – drop us a line.

  • Open application Oslo

    Oslo is a national capital … without any skyscrapers. Oslo is really nice and comfty city to live and work in. It also just happens to be the capital of one of the most wealthiest nations in the world. Dear to try it out?

  • Open Application Helsinki

    Helsinki is a birth place of Nokia, Angry birds, Supercell, Kiosked, Holvi, Slush and Justin Bieber … or sry… Isac Elliot.

  • Open Application Gdansk

    Gdanks is a wonderful city because it is next to Sopot. Everyone who has been in Gdansk or Gdynia knows that the best programmers go to party in Sopot. Care to join us?

  • Open Application Krakow

    Krakow is the silicon-valley of Europe… for real. It has many world class technical universities and very high talent concentration … and the location of our main development centres. Welcome on board!

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