Tech in 3 Minutes: Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

05 May Tech in 3 Minutes: Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code or IaC is one of the latest buzzwords. So what do you need to know about it? And is it a must have, nice to have or something for others, but not you? 

In this video, Paavo Pauklin interviews Maciej Rostanski, a top cloud expert, on Infrastructure as Code and what executives need to know about it.

You’ll learn:

  • What is Infrastructure as Code?
  • Why IaC matter? What are the benefits? Why is everybody talking about it?
  • Can IaC help mitigate risks, and how to get best results?
  • Conclusion? So what is our expert’s opinion? Should you go for it, consider or skip it?

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