How to do outsourcing?

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How to do Outsourcing?

How to start with outsourcing is one of the most asked questions from CTOs who want to look into outsourcing possibilities but don’t have personal experiences with this topic.

We help companies to learn how to do outsourcing in a correct way. This knowhow helps companies to reduce outsourcing costs, do better decision when choosing outsourcing partners and avoid expensive mistakes while doing outsourcing.

We consult companies and give lectures on following topics:

  • what to outsource and what to do in-house?
  • should I choose outsourcing or near-shoring?
  • where to outsource from (what region)?
  • how to choose an outsourcing partner?
  • how to avoid expensive mistakes in outsourcing?
  • how to make existing outsourcing cooperation work?
  • and many more topics.
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