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Our Team

Our people are special – over 250 top specialists working in Gdansk, Tallinn and Tartu believe in our values and way of servicing clients. In addition to internal developers, we have a group of verified subcontractors with a total pool of 3 000 software engineers.

All our people are proficient in English and we even have some project coordinators in our teams who are fluent in Norwegian and Finnish. All our team members have been given a proper “Scandinavian” communication training so that the projects go smoothly and in a transparent manner.

We value individual and collective development, a proactive approach to problem-solving, and decision-making freedom together with responsibility for actions. 

Our team consists of developers, architects, testers, analysts, project managers, scrum masters, product owners, delivery managers, consultants, and UI/UX designers. Most of our team members have over 5 years of experience in their field of expertise.

We have one of the lowest retention rates in the region and a good 20-30% annual growth rate.

Meet our management

Paavo Pauklin

Paavo Pauklin
Executive Board member


Paavo is the founder of Netcorp, a public speaker, consultant, and trainer on outsourcing topics. Paavo has trained companies in Estonia and Scandinavia to gain efficiency in outsourcing software development. He has been invited to give outsourcing lectures at national IT associations in Estonia (ITL) and Finland (Ohjlemistoyritäjät Ry) and startup centers in Norway (Valide, TheFactory, Mesh).
Paavo is an experienced and hands-on business concept designer who has worked in multicultural environments in Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Poland.
Working with teams and clients from different (business) cultures has given him a unique experience that enables us to offer a truly efficient software development outsourcing model for Scandinavian companies.